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Sunday, May 14, 2006

RFID, Coming to a library near you

RFID systems have already been placed in about 300 libraries in the United States and millions of books are tagged. However, cost and privacy are still 2 main problems facing this technology. According to Gilbert, cost is no longer a problem because the price of RFID tags is falling and the tags can be used for 15 years. The advantages of RFID systems are more than cost. It supports self check-ins and checkouts, the inventory, and the handling of materials. The ability to pinpoint the misplaced items saves a lot of money spent for replacing items. An RFID system can save labour cost. Furthermore, librarians can reduce time for repetitive work and increase time for helping students. Instead of worrying about losing jobs, they can feel more comfortable because RFID helps to reduce workplace injuries.

RFID, Coming to a library near you does not focus on the technical features of RFID. It examples cost and privacy aspects when this technology is implemented in libraries. It provides many valuable evidences against the high cost. This article seems not to be a particular relevant resource for a report against the implementation of RFID technology in a small university library for its high cost. However, it has value because it helps to have a look over the opposite side of the problem.


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