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Sunday, May 14, 2006


TAGSYS is one of the North American RFID vendors. It is “the global leader in item-level RFID systems and tags”. Its website contains lots of information about RFID such as definitions, main technical features, benefits of RFID technology, and key components of an RFID system. RFID Markets provide information about potential markets of this technology. RFID Products provides information about technical specifications and markets in which this product is used. TAGSYS News & Events updates information about RFID technology frequently. RFID in library is a reasonable source for a report on the application of RFID technology on libraries. As one of the main parts of the website, FRID in library provides brief information about RFID library applications and products. RFID Library Whitepage provides more detailed information about the application of RFID in libraries, which can be used in the reports mentioned above.

Although only a part of the website is about RFID in library, this website is quite a good resource for any report writing about the relevant topic. Animated pictures and video clips about how RFID works are particularly useful for the beginners of this technology. This is a website of a vendor, so it includes some advertised information. However, to be a good competitor to other vendors, TAGSYS has to develop and expand their products. Hence, the latest information about the RFID technology and its applications can be found in this website. In addition, this website has value because it provides information about many RFID applications in many other fields besides library. Not only the unique technical features but also the applicability of a technology brings its success. Therefore, the evaluation of a technology should be based on not only technical specifications but also its applications in life.


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